As we celebrate my son’s 7th birthday, I reflect back to the day he was born and the journey we experienced getting to that day.

Just getting to September 23rd was a feat in and of itself. Leading up to this day, doctors appointments, specialists, tests and monitoring were practically a full-time job.
Nathan was ultimately born 6 weeks early and spent time in the NICU.

I knew we were facing astronomical medical bills, but had no way of knowing how high those bills would climb. I was lucky in that I had health insurance, but even with that coverage, the medical bills sky rocketed. Trust me when I tell you that the NICU is NOT cheap!

I know what it’s like to face seemingly insurmountable medical bills. I know what it’s like to lie awake at night and worry.

No one should have to worry about whether or not they can afford medical care. No one should have to choose between prescriptions and food. Not ever.

We can do better!

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